Detail & Design

2000 Detail and design started out as one man's shop, with the dream of being self employed and owning his own business. It all started with a manual lathe, Bridgeport, and small grinder in a 200 sq foot shop. The business - as it still is today - was based on good service, quality, and affordability, and was geared towards servicing the manufacturing industry.
2001 Moved into a larger 800 sq foot building, added a new Bridgeport, and doubled the work force.
Secured a new customer base in the machine building industry.
2001 Expanded building by adding on a new 800 sq foot unit, and added two new Bridgeports and another manual lathe.
2002 Expanded building to 1600 sq feet, and introduced our first CNC mill.
2003 Expanded again by 800 sq feet, adding another CNC mill, and tool path cutting software. (Surfcam)
2004 Put up a new 8000 sq foot building to cover our growing needs, and added yet another CNC mill, and a new surface grinder.
2005 Concentrated on optimizing operations and procedures for the company.
2006 Put all policies and procedures into place necessary to qualify for ISO 9000.
2007 We welcomed the work from the oil and gas industries.
2008 We secured work from a heavy equipment manufacturer and the construction industry.
2009 Added a Toshiba BT-10b Boring Mill and worked more with the construction companies.
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