Welcome to Detail & Design (2000)!

Our Detail and Design heritage began and continues today, with Custom Fabrication. Tell us what your needs and volumes are and watch our professionals perform. What differentiates Detail and Design from the multitude of job shops is that we deliver "World-Class" performance that will serve your needs beyond your expectations:

INTERNAL SYSTEMS - Documented in compliance with ISO9001

LEAN MANUFACTURING - Our professional associates operate within a LEAN & Team environment

EXPERIENCE - Our professional associates understand many Industries requirements and have years of experience operating within these requirements

COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS - We possess superior internal and customer communication systems

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATES - At Detail and Design we are committed to Attract, Educate, Train and Retain the best people

TECHNOLOGY - We acquire the latest technology advances in equipment and software systems and assure it's appropriate maintenance through LEAN principles

VOLUMETRIC STRENGTHS - CNC Machining and sub-assemblies - From one to high volume production

Our customers also tell us that we are very responsive and flexible. This frequently results in their using us for their prototyping needs.

We invite you to drive your "Bottom Line" through our reputation for the highest quality results when working with close tolerances, Complex components, difficult materials and delivery date needs.

Begin your "Detail and Design Experience" today

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